RTHK Programme – In the Common Room

日期: 23/01/2024

Chloe Li (6H), Amber Zhao (6S), Jacob Jaraicie (5S) and Miss Ngan participated in the radio programme ‘In the Common Room’ on RTHK Radio Channel 3 on 23rd January, 2024. It was our first time to be in a radio broadcast and it was very exciting to speak into microphones. We shared about the Week of Hope and how our school promotes positive values. We had a great time chatting with the host, Miss Alyson Hau.

After the recording session, we had the privilege to go on a studio tour with Alyson. She showed us around different recording studios and stations. It was an eye-opening experience.

The episode featuring our school’s sharing was broadcasted on 25th January, 2024. You are most welcome to listen to our sharing here: